“Decentralized, Assisted Trading”

Web Platform

A Cognitive Decentralized trading platform that will be assisting traders in a live environment using machine learning algorithms and live market trends. Every trader is a pro trader at meterqubes


The Qubes Wallet App will be introduced on both Android & iOS. Cross-Chain Trading will be enabled through the implementation of the Qubes Protocol, linking multiple blockchain Infrastructures.

1-Click Staking

The Staking functionality will be embedded in the Q-wallet and will be done through a 1-click process. A statistics system will be available and will keep getting better through the Quboid’s Self-learning capabilities.


Quboid is Born, a Droid operating through deep learning Algorithms mixed with Neural Networks. Able to reach complex decisions using Data mining and Pattern recognition.

Assisted Trading

Quboid will assist traders through suggestions that are bound by multiple settings. These are Safe, Regular and Advanced. These suggestions are done through Digital Asset indicators, news analysis, live trends, the slightest changes in price and volumes…etc.

Cross-Chain Trading

Additional blockchain Infrastructures will be added to the overall trading environment of Digital Assets to allow the traders multiple options


Meterqubes Executive Team Members